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Which Type of Company Do You Want to Form?

There are many decisions you need to make when deciding on which type of company you wish to form.

An important consideration is whether you can obtain the necessary visas to present yourself in the United States to open a bank account.

A further consideration is the name you choose for your company. As there are restrictions on what you name your company, it is important that the firm handling the registration is competent and can advise on what is allowed.

For a variety of reasons, you should also check whether your company name is available as a domain name, especially if you plan to trade in the future.

Here are a few more questions you should consider:

  • Do you want an LLC or is a C-Corp or an S-Corp better?
  • Should you open a separate bank account and, if so, which institution is best suited to your needs?
  • What is an EIN and how do you apply for one?
  • How long does business registration take?
  • How can you set up a local business address to receive mail?
  • What about a local telephone number and reception services?
  • What are your tax liabilities and what is the best way to structure your financial affairs to minimize them?
  • What about your bookkeeping and accounting requirements to ensure that you comply with city, county, state, and federal laws?

Any foreigner may form an LLC in the USA, and there is no requirement that the shareholders are residents or that they plan on becoming residents.

If the plan is to have a physical office or presence in a particular state, then an LLC should, for instance, be registered in that state to avoid the complication of registering as a foreign LLC and having to appoint registered agents in the state.

Further complications and costs are incurred if the state has additional taxes and fees that are levied on companies.

However, there are ways around this.

Should your business not require offices or staff, then the choice of the state is easier, as you can take advantage of certain states that do not levy taxes on LLCs and other business entities. You can then arrange your affairs in such a way that you are only liable for federal taxes.

Registering a Company in the USA is a Complex Process

Creating a new company in the USA can be a complex task, especially when you require a business bank account, local business address, tax registrations, and more.

That is when access to a professional firm of advisors can take the stress and worry out of the process and ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations that are necessary to conduct business legally in the United States of America.

You Need an Experienced Advisor

Many questions need answers before embarking on the registration process.

For instance, do you wish to obtain a visa and run the business yourself or with an employee?

While non-citizens are allowed to be shareholders and directors, you will require a work-Visa to perform your duties as an officer of the company.

So, what are your best options?

Well, we believe that we have the answer to that question.


Introducing Contador America

Moses Nae, CEO of TaxLeaf and Contador America is passionate about helping foreign investors and entrepreneurs find the right tax and legal structures for their investments and business requirements.

Each client is unique, with a set of personal and business circumstances that require careful consideration to put together the best selection of products and services.

Here’s what Facundo Zorio has to say about the service and support they receive from being partnered with Contador America:

Cesar Buenavista, Doral, Fl

“I am an Account Manager with Contador America and have been working with clients for more than 6 years. The technology they provide is incredible. I have access to everything from my phone if I need it. They are very professional and provide excellent support for me and my employees.”

To help you learn more about how Contador America can assist you with your company registration and tax structuring, stop what you’re doing right now and call us now to secure a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with one of our business experts. We will explain how we can help you set up your business in the USA.