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FIRPTA Withholding Tax Returns


FIRPTA , which stands for Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, is a Retention of 15% of the sale price of a US property being sold by a Non-Resident. ContadorMiami can help you with any FIRPTA Transaction. Learn how to prevent FIRPTA below.


More Info
  • What is FIRPTA?
  • FIRPTA is a federal withholding (or retention) that is issued to a non-resident who is selling their asset or property in the USA. When a property is sold, the Closing Agent will withhold 15% of the sale price and send this amount to the IRS. When the seller later submits his tax return, the IRS will determine if the withholding amount was sufficient.
  • If the withholding amount too low, then you pay more during the filing
  • If the withholding amount is higher than necessary, then the IRS will issue a refund of the overage amount.

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  • When Does FIRPTA Apply?
  • It is important to know when FIRPTA applies to the sale of your real estate property or asset. There are numerous ways to prevent FIRPTA. We will discuss that later on this page.
  • FIRPTA Applies When:

  • Property is directly owned by a Foreign National or Non-Resident
  • Property sales price is over $300,000
  • The Buyer will not be living in the Property
  • How To Prevent FIRPTA?
  • There are many ways we can teach you to prevent FIRPTA. These options are simple and straight forward. Try your best to learn if FIRPTA applies to your situation. Call us at any time to get FREE information.
  • Buy the Asset under a Company
  • Use the 1041 Exchange
  • Form a Trust for the Investment

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