Why Franchise

Why Franchise

In this section, we’re not going to talk about why you should pick our franchise. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that next. For now, we just want to educate you on why any franchise (and trust us – there’s thousands) may be the perfect fit for you. If you don’t know much about franchises, just keep reading. If you prefer to just skip to the end and learn about ours, then click here.

Running a Business is not Easy

Why FranchiseLet’s keep it simple. You may or may not know this, but 78% of businesses fail in their first year. What’s even more interesting are obvious reasons why. Most business owners are struggling to keep their head above water. Unfortunately, they’ll never get the time to set up strategic procedures that would made their lives a whole heck of a lot easier. Well, that’s what a franchise does. It takes a good product or service and figures out the best way to sell it and make money. But it does this strategically.

“By building simple systems and procedures, the Franchisee (that would be you) can concentrate on being a MANAGER instead of an EMPLOYEE.”  

The goal being to own more than 1 franchise. Many successful franchisee’s even own more than 1 franchise concept (like a McDonald’s owner also owning a Taco Bell).

New Businesses FailWhy do 78% of all new businesses fail in the first year?

  • First Time Owning A Business
  • Don’t have Enough Money
  • Don’t have the Right Tools
  • Not Enough Support
  • Not Enough Marketing & Advertising

A Franchise System

A franchise should only be a franchise when it can replicate a good system through indendent owners and turn a profit over a short period of time. If you pick the right one, you should be able to open more than 1 location for long term success.

5 Things You Want in a Franchise

  • Product or Service that will always be in high demand
  • Good Systems and Operations to run your franchise
  • Good and Effective Marketing to Exisiting and New Customers
  • Good and Knowledgable Support System
  • Good Numbers – $$$

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