Tax and Accounting Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

What Industry is ContadorAmerica?

ContadorAmerica is actually more than 1 industry. We are actually 4 industries in 1. Together these 4 industries totaled $150 Billion in annual gross revenue.

Franchise For Multiple Industries

ContadorAmerica services the 4 industries below:

  • Tax Franchise
  • Accounting Franchise
  • Payroll Franchise
  • Bookkeeping Franchise

But here’s what we different. We service the B2B segment of each market. For those of you that don’t know what B2B is, it means Business-To-Business. We advertise and service the small and middle sized businesses in your community.

The B2B industry had an annual gross revenue of $559 Billion in 2014.

Facts About Small Businesses in America:

  • They represent more than 99.7% of all employers
  • They employ half of all private-sector workers and 39% of workers in high-tech jobs
  • Account for 60% to 80% of the net new jobs annually
  • Pay a total of 44.3% of total U.S. private payroll
  • Produce more than 50% of nonfarm private gross domestic product, or a GDP of roughly $6 trillion
  • 3% are Franchises

Tax and Accounting Industry – Business and Personal

ContadorAmerica caters to the business sector. We offer monthly bookkeeping and payroll services for small to middle sized businesses in your community. This means you will be doing Business Tax Returns for your business clients. More than likely, you will also be doing tax returns for the owners of the business. This is in most cases a 2-1 ratio. For every business you should do at least 2 personal tax returns.

  • $9.1 Billion in Annual Gross Revenue
  • 144 million Individuals filed returns
  • 2.4 million Companies filed returns
  • 38,287 Tax Firms in the US
    • 37% are run by only one person
    • 53% are run by less than 10 employees

Recession Proof

It has often been said that the Tax Industry is recession proof. This means that this industry does well in a declining economy and even better in a booming economy. This is in large part due to tax returns being a federal requirement. In most states, it is also a state requirement. 

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