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Payroll is one of the toughest items for a business owner to manage. Employees want to be paid on time every single pay period. The IRS wants their money even more. This is where business owners usually go wrong. They try to do it themselves which has proven to be cumbersome. 

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Employees On Time?

LeafPay – A Cost Effective Solution

Many businesses use payroll companies such as PayChex or ADP for their payroll needs. ContadorAmerica offers a similar and more affordable solution called LeafPay. Using LeafPay, your clients will have the easiest and most productive payroll system ever.

Our bookkeeping and payroll packages cost less that what most competitors charge just for payroll. 

Payroll Provider Statistics

  • $64 Billion in Annual Revenue
  • 294,118 Payroll Providers in USA
  • Annual Growth of 3.4%
  • 41% of Small Businesses Outsource their Payroll

Average Payroll Expense for A Business

Full Payroll Included in Bookkeeping Packages

ContadorAmerica offers your clients a low-cost solution for Payroll and Bookkeeping. This is what sets us apart from our competition. Most Small Businesses pay more for their payroll than what we charge for just monthly bookkeeping. It’s almost like we are giving our clients payroll services for free if they hire us for bookkeeping.

Here’s What Our LeafPay Payroll Software Can Do:

  • Direct Deposit to Employees
  • Automatic Federal and State Payroll Tax Reporting
  • One-Click Payroll Approval and Processing
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Payroll at no additional cost
  • 3rd Party Contribution such as Healthcare, 401k, and more…

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