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What is LeafCloud

LeafCloud is our App Technology that allows you access all our tax and accounting software on any device. You can literally do a tax return on your iPhone. Now that’s cool. LeafCLoud clients access to all their financial documents on the cloud. We’ll teach you how to use this feature in your sales pitch to land new clients.  

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LeafCloud – For Franchisees

  • Online Tax and Accounting Software
  • Online File Storage and Document Management
  • Software Updates
  • Data Security and Backups
  • Iphone and Android App

LeafCloud – For Your Clients

  • Monthly Financial Statements Available Online
  • IRS & State Government Client Papers Online
  • Secure Upload through Client Portal
  • Iphone and Android App

The Best Way To Work

We’ve been in this business wince 1976. We know what clients want. And when they want it, they want it fast. Your clients will often request tax and financnial documents. With LeafCloud you’ll get this request less often since they will always have access to their docs online. 

We expect you to meet with your business clients on a monthly or quarterly basis. During your meetings, your client may request other documents. From your phone or laptop, you’ll be able to send them whatever/whenever they need.

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