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Most bookkeepers are not accountants or tax preparers. And most accountants are not bookkeepers. Accountants tend to steer clear of bookkeeping since it is hard to manage and costly. At ContadorAmerica, we decided to capitalize on this service. We beleive it is the glue that sticks everything together – our flagship service.


Bookkeeping Brings Residual Income

Our bookkeeping services will provide you with residual income. This is the monthly revenue which most accounting firms want but often can’t get. Once you build your ContadorAmerica Franchise, your enjoy strong and steady residual income for many years to come

Accounting and Bookkeeping – #2 Best Profit Margin of All

Accounting Industry Profit Margin

Interesting Stats about the Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry:

  • 21% Profit Margin – 2nd highest of all time (look at the above image)
  • $32 Billion in Revenue for Bookkeeping Segment of Accounting Industry
  • Potential Market Size – 30 million small businesses in the USA 
  • 362,381 Independent Bookkeepers in the USA
  • 127,653 Bookkeeping Firms in the USA

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